Sherman Library, Sherman Connecticut (860) 354-2455

The Sherman Library Collection. What's in it for You?

The collection currently consists of over 28,000 items including 14,500 adult books, 10,700 children's books and 3,400 films. New items are added daily and if you can’t find it just ask us to get it for you!

Audio Books, ebooks and more

The Sherman Library has more than 500 adult and 100 children's audio books on CD. We also provide a downloadable books service for Sherman residents. You can download audio books, ebooks, movies, music, comis cfrom the Internet anytime for listening on your computer or uploading to a compatible devicer. OVERDRIVE   or HOOPLA

Lights, Camera, Action! Movies at the Library
Looking for a knee slapping comedy? How about a squeamish thriller or a two tissue tearjerker?

The Sherman Library has most of the American Film Institute¹s (AFI) top 100 movies. We also have 85 of AFI’s 100 funniest movies, 80 of the 100 best thrillers and 75 out of 100 of AFI’s greatest love stories.

In addition to over 2000 classic and current movies, we have over 200 foreign films, 250 documentaries and 100 musicals. Our collection of award winning films includes those honored by Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals, the National Film Registry, and the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards.

You’ll also find almost 1000 children’s classics, feature films, educational series, sing alongs and animation movies. And if we don’t have it, ask. We’ll try to get it for you. So if you’ve been renting your favorite films from other places, it’s time to visit us and save your cash for the popcorn and drinks.

Calling all Sherman Authors!

Bet you didn’t know that the Sherman Library is the home to almost 200 books by Sherman authors. That’s right! We have cookbooks, political tomes, works of poetry, romance, mystery, gardening and children’s books –all written by present and former Shermanites.

If you’re a Sherman resident, or once were one, and you’d like to donate your work(s) to the library, we’d love to have it. And when you stop by, be sure to take a look at our special section dedicated to Sherman authors. You might just bump into someone you know.

The Sherman Library Travel Book Collection

Due to generous donations from the Ada Howe Kent Foundation, the Sherman Library continues to update its travel collection.

Updated regularly, the Sherman Library’s travel collection boasts over 750 titles.This year we added over 150 travel guidebooks, language tapes and adventure travelogues. If you are planning a cruise, honeymoon, a vacation with your children or a weekend trip make the Sherman Library your first stop. Please feel free to share your requests and suggestions to fill in any gaps.

Magazine Exchange

All magazines in our free basket are up for grabs. Help yourself to a copy of your favorite periodical or try something new. You may also donate your current magazines when you’ve finished reading them. It’s a great way to share and recycle. If you’d like to participate in this exchange, please donate current magazines only. Please make sure they’re in good condition.

Among the many titles you’ll find are Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, House and Garden, Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, New Yorker, People, Rolling Stone, Travel and Leisure, Vogue and W.