Sherman Library, Sherman Connecticut (860) 354-2455

The Sherman Library Mission Statement

The Sherman Library is a community resource, freely available to all. The library responds to the public’s need for information, education and recreation. With books at its core, the library provides a wide range of materials, both print and non-print. It is the community’s center for lifelong learning. By incorporating new developments in technology the library ensures that its resources are accurate, timely and responsive to those it serves.


The Bylaws of the Corporation as amended for FOIA


The Sherman Library Association Certificate of Incorporation of the Corporation

The Sherman Library Association Certificate Ammended 2020

The Sherman Library Association Certificate Ammended 2012

The Sherman Libary Association Certificate Ammended 2011

The Sherman Library Grant Agreement with the Town of Sherman outlining the terms and conditions under which the Town will advance funds to assist in the library building project approved by SLA members April 29, 2012.