Sherman Library, Sherman Connecticut (860) 354-2455


Capital Campaign Committee

Karen Cushnie, Chairman

Joan Laucius

Richard Lenihan

Millie Loeb

Susan Seeger


         The Delvers
               of the
         21st Century

The Sherman Library Campaign is an opportunity to create a legacy for future generations. It is not often such an occasion arises for a community. In honor of this
occasion, the campaign provides an opportunity for residents of the town to honor the library’s founders and become a 21st century Delver.

A contribution of $2,100 paid over 5 years ($420 a year) will note your contribution for posterity through a special plaque that will be prominently displayed.

All donors contributing $1,000 or more will have their name on a Central Plaque. The plaque will be prominently displayed.


How to Give to the Sherman Library Building Project Campaign

Download a campaign pledge form here

We are entering the final phase of our project's Capital Campaign. If you are interested in making a donation for the library renovation and expansion please contact Karen Cushnie at or 860-355-0421 or email our Sherman Library Board of Trustees

Types of Gifts

We invite you to explore the many ways you can make a financial commitment to the Sherman Library Building Project. A member of the Capital Campaign Committee would be happy to share the plans, describe the progress, and answer any questions you may have, either in your home or at the library. Then we hope you will consider making a gift that is personally meaningful and satisfying to you. If you wish to have our guidance, we would be pleased to help you develop such a gift. Of course, all gifts as paid are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Designated Gift
Gifts of any amount may be designated toward a specific element of the project, or a gift may be designated for unrestricted campaign use. Naming opportunities exist for the building as well as features within the building and are listed separately. At your request or approval, appropriate recognition will be given either to you or to individuals you may wish to honor.

An Outright Gift
An outright gift of cash is the simplest and most common way of giving. Outright gifts also include appreciated securities, bonds or personal assets; real property assigned ownership or beneficiary status in paid life insurance with cash value -- in any single form or in combination. Many of these gifts hold specific capital gains tax advantages and deductibility for you.

A Pledged Gift
Your pledge or commitment to give can be fulfilled over a period of up to five years on whatever schedule and in whatever type of payment best fits your planning.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations encourage employees and board members to be philanthropic by matching gifts to the worthy causes.  As you plan your contributions, ask whether your employer or corporate affiliates participate in such a program.

A Testamentary Gift
A specific or residuary estate bequest made through your will is a wonderful complement to other forms of giving to the Sherman Library -- or it may serve as the most feasible way of making a substantial gift not possible during your lifetime.

A Blended Gift
Such a gift combines the elements of two or more of the above options and can be extremely beneficial to you and the library.