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The Sherman Library Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big will the new Sherman Library be?
The new library including the main floor, lower level and refurbished barn will be 9,706 sq. ft. This includes renovating the existing library and our historic barn. The new addition will be 4,040 sq. ft.

2. How was the cost of the building project plan reduced from the original $4,000,000 to $3,300,000?
Building underground was eliminated because of the difficulties and expense presented by the ledge rock. Instead of using steel for supports, the expansion can be built with wood.

3. How has the library asked for input from the community?
We conducted an extensive community needs assessment with respect to collections, services, facility and staff to provide insight into community support for expansion options. Plans were shared with members of the community for feedback and taken back to the drawing board and new revised plans were developed.

4. Who is the architect?
We hired the renowned library architectural firm Tuthill and Wells which has created a design that maintains and respects the character of the Sherman Historic District, yet serves the functional needs of the library. Bruce Tuthill and Peter Wells have designed over 45 libraries in Connecticut and Massachusetts, most recently in Southbury, Monroe and Wallingford.

5. What features will the new library have?
While retaining its special charm and ambiance an expanded, remodeled Sherman Library will:
- Establish a programming/meeting room for 100 people in the renovated historic barn accessible after library hours.
- Expand children’s area and build a story time and activities room.
- Provide space for young adult activities
- Improve areas for adult book collections and displays
- Enhance shelving and display areas for our growing multimedia collections
- Increase the number of computer work stations
- Dedicate the original Historic Sherman Library building to quiet reading and study
- Expand and redesign staff areas
- Increase storage space and provide additional restrooms
-Meet LEED Certified Standards ( Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is an internationally recognized green building certification system) with green materials, better lighting and a more efficient heating system.
- Guaranteed compliance with the American Disabilities Act

6. How will the community benefit from the improved library?
The new and expanded facility will have all of these features of a modern facility designed to accommodate years of future growth and provide a vibrant place for people of all ages to gather.

7. Will the expansion require additional staffing?
No. The sightlines are such that the current staff of 1 full-time and 5 part-time employees can run the library. A self-check out system will be installed.

8. By what percentage will the maintenance costs of a larger building increase the current budget?
The cost of electricity and heating will increase. However, the new construction will meet LEED Standards using building materials, heating systems and lighting fixtures that are green, energy efficient and economical.

10. Is there a storage area in the building plans?
There will be a small storage room and the existing downstairs space can be used for additional storage as needed.

11. What is the capacity of the proposed parking area?
There will be spaces for 35 cars. Current capacity is 20. As before, adjoining facilities such as the Senior Center and the Sherman Historical Society will be invited to share the parking as needed.

12. The building project calls mainly for open space without walls. How can the library continue to mount art shows?
There is a dedicated space for artwork within the library. We will also use our new program hall in the restored barn for art exhibits.

13. What is the time line for the construction?
Our goal is to break ground summer 2012. Construction should be completed within a year.

14. What will happen to the adjacent property as a result of the library expansion?
The library has already purchased the adjoining property and it will be part of the expansion project.

15. Will the library stay open during construction?
The library is exploring the option to move temporarily because of ADA compliancy, safety, parking and construction scheduling issues.

16. How much of the $3,300,000 total is allocated to pay for furnishings?
$200,000. It is anticipated that grants will be obtained to pay for additional furnishings.

17. When will the community be asked to give?
The library is concluding the “quiet phase” of our campaign and when we begin the public phase everyone in Sherman will be asked to consider making a gift or pledge to this extraordinary project for our town. How to Give